COVID-19 American Bar Association Resources

The American Bar Association has a comprehensive resource website with COVID-19 related resources that are also applicable to construction law.

The ABA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force website has a host of resources available, including:

  1. Resource Kits;
  2. Continuing Legal Education (CLE);
  3. Court Access; and
  4. Legal needs.

From the website:

“In response to the growing legal needs of Americans arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19), the American Bar Association has created a nationwide task force of volunteer lawyers and judges from across the legal profession. The task force will identify the legal needs arising from the pandemic, make recommendations to address those needs, and help mobilize volunteer lawyers and legal professionals to assist people who need help.”

Construction companies and industry stakeholders in particular may be interested in the following resources on the ABA Task Force website:

  1. COVID-19 Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources from US Small Business Administration.
  2. Corona Virus Legal Daily regular updates on Twitter.
  3. The Thomson Reuters COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Center.
  4. Bloomberg Law’s search feature for “construction“.

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