Canada-Wide COVID-19 Update

Federal Canada-Wide COVID-19 Legal Resources

Our federal Canada-wide COVID-19 legal resources were updated on April 15, 2020. The Canadian federal government has implemented legislation and a number of national programs and initiatives to support the construction industry. Federal and country-wide trade organizations have also prepared resource pages for construction industry stakeholders to stay informed on COVID-19 issues.

The following organizations and law firms have prepared collections of links and information that Canada-wide construction industry stakeholders may find useful. (Alternatively, you may want to review specific COVID-19 legal resources for each of the Canadian provinces.)

Federal Canada-Wide COVID-19 Resources

  1. The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) has prepared a helpful table of legal updates for construction companies across every Canadian province. The table features information on whether construction activities have been shut down, suspension of limitations periods, court closures, and COVID-19 emergency legislation.
  2. The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has a list of resources for construction businesses including a “Pandemic Preparedness Guide” published by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, “COVID-19 Standardized Protocols for All Canadian Construction Sites,” and “COVID-19 Resources from Local Construction Associations.”
  3. The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada has prepared a resource page on COVID-19 along with articles and resources related to labour, IT, and occupational health and safety.
  4. Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP‘s “Construction statutes and COVID-19” for updates related to Canadian laws and regulations.
  5. McCarthy Tetrault LLP‘s “COVID-19 Hub: Latest Updates and Legal Considerations for Your Business” has a selection of resources and updates geared towards private-sector businesses in Canada. Few are specific to the construction industry, but many of the resources will be applicable. McCarthy Tetrault LLP has also prepared a “COVID-19 Emergency Measures Tracker” for a running list of emergency measures being implemented across Canada.
  6. Miller Thomson LLP has prepared a “COVID-19 Resources” page with information updates broken out by industry sector, including construction and infrastructure.
  7. The Government of Canada has a running tracking list of legislation, charter statements, orders and regulations on its website.
  8. The Canadian Home Builders Association has a members-only resource center for COVID-19 related guidance and information.
  9. Dentons has a COVID-19 Hub with resources on force majeure and insurance coverage, in addition to a workplace law resource collection and employer toolkit.
  10. BDO Canada has its own COVID-19 Hub with a focus on trending issues, target industries, and specific services.
  11. The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum has gathered resources for apprentices across the country to check in on the status of their apprenticeship. The CAF also has resources related to COVID-19 occupational health and safety.
  12. The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction has a COVID-19 support and resource page for its membership.
  13. The Canadian Roofing Contractors Association has a COVID-19 resource page that includes specific information related to government programs, finances, human resources, and other pandemic-related support.
  14. The Surety Association of Canada has a COVID-19 Updates page with current news on the pandemic’s impact on holdback, limitations periods, force majeure, and links to further resources.

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